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Ranch Road Construction

Having Ranch Road Construction Completed? Why the Road Sub-Grade is a Vital Part of Your Road Construction Project

If you own a ranch, having ranch road construction completed may be important. Having roads constructed can make it easier for your vehicles to get around your ranch and better manage your needs without tearing up your fields or muddy areas. When it comes to ranch road construction, one of the most important parts of the construction project is the road sub-grade. However, many people do not know what this is, simply because it is often hidden under the road. Here is more information on what road sub-grade is and why it is important to your ranch road construction project.

Before roads can be installed, the ground beneath the road needs to be prepared. The ground beneath the road is prepared using a technique called road sub-grade. The road sub-grade creates the surface upon which an asphalt road can be safely installed. If the ground beneath the road is not properly prepared, the dirt or soil could wash away when it rains, which takes away the stable surface that your asphalt is placed on. Creating a multi-layer sub-grade, including gravel, dirt, soil and sand, helps to ensure that the ground will not wash away in the event of a flood. This ultimately helps to stabilize your ground and help to prevent this such as asphalt cracking and potholes.

Are you ready to start on your ranch road construction? Here at 90 West Contractors, we can complete every aspect of your ranch road construction project, including the road sub-grade. When you are ready to make a change to your ranch, call us and let's work together to determine where roads should be placed.