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Limestone Base

The Benefits of Limestone Base

Many contractors throughout various industries use crushed limestone to complete a number of projects. It is no wonder why a limestone base has been the ‘go to’ option for many construction projects, especially for roadways. Known for its strength, practicality and durability, a limestone base is also ideal for roadways because it is reasonably priced, provides a smooth and easy ride, and crushed limestone is a highly reliable material. When limestone is crushed and screened, no other naturally formed rock is as versatile. 


If you are a contractor who is in need of crushed limestone products, come to 90 West Contractors. Our quarry is located 12 miles north of Del Rio on Hwy 277. As a company that specializes in complete sub-grade prep for streets and roads, we use our products on all of our projects, and  you should too. Take advantage of the benefits that a limestone base has to offer, and get yours at 90 West Contractors.